Persuasive Essay On How To Stop Bullying

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Jessica Logan, a small girl from Ohio committed suicide after being blackmailed for months. Jessica sent a nude picture to her boyfriend after peer pressure, and weeks later the picture had gotten out after the two broke out. Jessica Logan later spoke out on about how to not get caught up in peer pressure and sexting. Two days after she spoke out she killed herself by hanging herself in the closet. Bullying among teens is harmful but can be solved through awareness. Statistics show that the amount of guys getting bullied and bullying is much higher than girls. Because of this statistic people have really been speaking out about how to stop bullying. Awareness is essential to let people be aware of the short and long term effects of what it has on others. Bullying is something that has to be stopped or else it will keep growing. Depression and Anxiety Are two major problems that are heavily caused and affected by bullying. Being involved in bullying in any way or form develops risk of Depression. Bullying is an unwanted and unneeded behavior that is not realized sometimes until it’s too late and you have done major damage to someone. There are usually never any long…show more content…
One of the downfalls is that it may not actually be effective in stopping discrimination because it will always be in play. There will always be a contrary argument to whatever the solution is. For example, when weight discrimination is trying to be stopped, there will always be those people that judge you and will be the bully but it is our job to go out against those people and really stand up for ourselves. Another fallback on the solution of discrimination is that anyone can say something and not say it derogatory but be called a hypocrite because they said one thing that slipped and they didn’t mean. These are some of the setbacks of stopping discrimination and how it might not work

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