Persuasive Essay On Bullying In Schools

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Over the last twenty years, bullying in the United States has risen to all-time highs. According to the article “The Making of a Bully” written by Caurie Putnam, “28 percent of students in grades 6 to 12 have experienced bullying, and 30 percent of American students have admitted to bullying others,” (Putnam, 2017). Children should never feel afraid to go to school because of other students. At the same time, students should not have to bully others to make themselves feel better. Bullies find a variety of reasons to target those around them, and the effects of this have proven to have a tremendous impact on the bullied people and those around them. Many children today feel the need to bully those around them to make themselves feel better. Most of the time, children who bully have a lot of emotions pent up inside them that they hide from everyone else. These feelings can lead to those children to look for an outlet to let their emotions go. A lot of times, those feelings leads to the children taking out everything they have built up on another. They look to it as…show more content…
Sometimes, these drastic measures result in a school shooting. These occur when a person or a group of people enter a school carrying a loaded gun with intent to hurt and kill others (Haan, 2013). Statistics say that about twenty people in every high school have a higher chance of causing of school shooting, but the probability of that happening is one in a million (Silverman, 2001). According to the article, “School Shootings, Although Rare, Are Still A Problem, Survey Says,” written by Jennifer Silverman, “Nearly 90% of the students surveyed said revenge against those who have bullied or hurt them was the strongest motivation for school shootings,” (Silverman, 2001). Writers claims that unpopular boys in their junior or senior year at high school have the most likelihood of starting a school shooting (Silverman,

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