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When I first got to the 25th Signal Battalion I was placed in the unit mailroom, I thought that it would be a cakewalk and just a really chilled job. From my perspective at that particular time, the job seemed like it wouldn’t be too stressful and nothing I wouldn’t have to take seriously. I just wanted to get it over with; like it was just a prerequisite for the new guy in the unit to do his time in the mailroom. Months later in my career, I then realized the real impact you can have on the unit as a whole while being in the mailroom. I wish I had known the key role I played in the unit much sooner, but instead I took that opportunity for granted. I now continue to identify weaknesses and improve on my development as I progress in my career now. I can confidently say I am a better person today because of my time in the mailroom, which allowed me to communicate effectively with personal, to be able to comprehend the world around me, and give me a sense of individual pride in what I do. When I first started as a mail clerk I noticed the primary form of all communications is through e-mail. I was not used to it at first, because from my previous experience in units I was more verbal and informal. I knew I had to be more professional when writing and communicating with customers. After that realization, I knew I must…show more content…
For me, being a mail clerk has gone beyond just being useful for my unit it has also help in my career success and enriched my life. I feel that I have to develop not only as a soldier but as a leader. Being a mail clerk has given me the opportunity to effectively communicate, comprehend the world around me and most importantly has given me a sense of well-being. Given this new found respect of postal services, I am now more encouraged than ever before to enhance my horizons and to become an outstanding

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