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As a compulsory SACE component, the PLP provides me the opportunity to plan my future learning in Task 2. This reflective report is about my capabilities development throughout Task 2 relating to my personal and learning goals set in Task 1. In this task, I have completed my MyCareerMatch profiling, workbook, UniSA Presentation attendance and work experience at a surgery. My communication capability has been developed through my direct exposure to medical professionals at work experience. In the capability of work, this work experience opportunity has provided me a deep insight into the medical profession. The UniSA presentation and MyCareerMatch workbook filling has also helped me to identify my personal qualities and skills in terms of progressing…show more content…
During my work placement at the surgery, I was able to confidently communicate with a variety of people including doctors and nurses. Additionally, I was given the opportunity to express my doubts by asking relevant questions. By directly interacting with the medical workforce, I gained an invaluable insight into this career pathway. This is evidence of my work capability development as I observed how people in the workplace undertake their job. In my learning capability, the UniSA presentation provided me a brief insight into university life as the presenter displayed information such as a student timetable sample and this made me feel more prepared for tertiary studies. Moreover, my MyCareerMatch workbook assisted me in identifying my personal qualities, skills and necessary education for my chosen career pathway. This helps me develop my learning capability because I now understand more about my characteristics and desired career pathway. For instance, I will aim to gain new learning techniques as I acknowledge and utilise my strength in Science and my precise…show more content…
Through organising work experience, I have identified the need to refine my communication goals. I realised that every type of communication is essential in making requests, an example is when I wrote a letter to a hospital requesting for a work placement then thanking them for responding. Other than emphasising my oral development, progression of written communication needs to be reinforced as it is equally vital in exchanging information. Work experience also identified the need for me to progress my verbal skills with a wider range of people. For my citizenship capability, I plan to add an extra goal – to volunteer in the council library for active participation in community life. This idea is suggested by my MyCareerMatch workbook which required me to list “areas where I could make a

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