Local Government Administration In Nigeria

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The current underdevelopment at the grass root of the Nigerian society and politics has made it imperative for this paper to focus on the role of traditional institutions and Local Government Administration in Nigeria as agent that are supposed to enhance and promote development in the rural area. The basic argument of the paper is that during Pre-colonial days in Nigeria, traditional rulers enjoyed full power in their Kingdom, command respect and obedience from their subject; however colonialisation and basternialization of the Nigerian society has created socio political and economic implication for sustainable development looking at the historical, geographical, economy, sociological and institutional factors in Local government administration…show more content…
This paper posits that the study of any system of government begin with the examination of the philosophy underlying a system. This paper therefore examines the philosophical consideration, political beliefs and values which constitute the theory or principles of Local government. An analysis of the principles or theories of Local government is important because it gives an insight with what the system is all about, and this helps in throwing more light for better understanding of the subject matter itself. Generally speaking, theory in reclaim to Local government is essentially an explicit statement above the ends and propose local government. There are four theoretical based or prefectures of local government when will be used in explaining the roles of traditional authorities in Nigeria Local government system, it is important to note that though these theories were developed being in mind local government in developed countries, they are nevertheless to a large extent relevant to the developing countries of the world as…show more content…
Many traditional rulers appointed by military administrators to boards of parastals and other Public institutions, some traditional rulers said this as substantial increase in their power. However several political changes implemented in the wake of military governance of the country had substantial adverse impact on the power and influence of traditional rulers. For instance, the federal and state government takeover of the local police, prisons and native courts in 1968 constituted a significant reduction of power and influence of many traditional rulers in the northern part of the country. Similarly, the Land Use Decree of 1978 reduced the power of traditional rulers over lands in urban

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