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Methodology is a chapter of dissertation that gives a full description of how the study was performed and analysis of data which was used to make a research. It is a theoretical analysis of the methods and principles used for particular research. The term "methodology" may also be used to refer to the study of various methods and not the methods themselves. Methodology is the way in which information is found or the way the research is done. Methodology includes the techniques, methods, and procedures which are used for collecting and analyzing information. The methodology of present research is given under following heads: 3.1 Locale of the study 3.2 Sample and its selection 3.3 Research design 3.4 Tools used in the study 3.5 Phases of…show more content…
Phases of the research Research has been conducted in five phases as following: Exploratory phase Identification of the Institution Researcher explored various centers of Agra city to identify sample which could achieve the research objectives. Sahaj child development and rehabilitation centre was selected to conduct the research. Development of the Assessment tool An observation schedule was developed by the researcher to assess the level of Hand Eye Coordination of the children. The details of the assessment tool have been given in table 3.4.1. Table 3.4.1 Details of self constructed tool Hand-Eye Coordination Assessment Tool (HECAT) Category Number of items Statements regarding activities performed 19 Statements regarding distance to target 3 Statements regarding time taken 13 Worksheets to assess Coordination Solve mazes 4 Copy images…show more content…
Rapport establishment The researcher established rapport with the selected sample. After developing rapport the researcher tried to know about their general description. Assessment of the level of eye hand coordination Children were asked to perform the activities as described in the tool and researcher observed them that how they do perform. Designing intervention programme In this phase, Researcher developed games and activities on the basis of information from collected data. The details of games and activities have given in chapter 4. Intervention phase Implementation of the designed programme- The duration of intervention phase was one month and it was conducted in four consecutive sessions. Each session was continued for a week. On the first day of every week the children were trained for how to perform the activity and as they progress the level of the activities was increased week after week. The details of the intervention programme have been given in the chapter 4. Post-Intervention phase Re-Implementation of the assessment

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