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1. Introduction to the Business One of the most powerful organizations in the automotive industry, BMW is a well-established organization based on innovations to improve customer experience. The automotive industry is a competitive industry in which each organization produces different models of cars to satisfy customer demands. According to Smith (2013), BMW is among the 10 most reputable organizations that perform corporate social responsibility (CSR), which demonstrates that BMW is constantly initiating and maintaining CSR projects (para. 9). In addition, BMW officially started in 1916 in Germany due to the consolidation of Flugmaschinenfabrik Gustav Otto (FGO) and Bayerische Flugzeug-Werke AG (BFW) (BMW Group, 2015, para. 45). Moreover,…show more content…
a. Their policy in order to come up with CSR project reported that no funds should be given to religious charities, political candidates, sponsoring teams, and national conferences N. K. Arora (personal communication, October 13, 2015). 10) What does the organizational structure look like? a. BMW is a German automotive organization, and they are a public joint stock corporation with a huge number of shareholders. Their organizational structure is more complicated as a result of their diversification around the world, and it includes the shareholders, board of directors, chief executive officer (CEO), chief finance officer (CFO), managers of different departments, and the non-managerial employees N. K. Arora (personal communication, October 13, 2015). 11) What are the organizational vision and the objectives they are trying to achieve? a. Our vision is to supply the most unique products on the market and to give value for money to the customers who are looking for quality. Our objective is to be in a stronger position by 2020, to manufacture electric cars, to create a competitive advantage, and to improve and increase our CSR projects in the world N. K. Arora (personal communication, October 13,…show more content…
• The automotive division consists of three different companies working under BMW command to produce luxury cars: Mini, which produces high quality, tiny cars, Rolls-Royce, which is considered a high-end luxury car, and BMW cars, which compete in the middle-end luxury market (BMW Group, 2015). • The motorcycle division includes two divisions operating under BMW, which are BMW and Husqvarna motorcycles. Additionally, both motorcycle divisions inspired BMW fame in the sports industry (BMW Group, 2015). • The financial services division is an advisory division concerned with both public and private businesses and their requirements for banking, insurance, and dealer financing (BMW Group, 2015). BMW focuses on the automotive division to build the ultimate global machine that will change the form of experience that customers are seeking. In addition, BMW joined the motorcycle industry because it is closely related to the automotive industry, which gave BMW an advantage in utilizing their supreme engines to enhance their motorcycle performance. Moreover, they recently joined the financial services industry to provide advice about mobility requirements and to finance both individual and organizational purchases in the mobility industry. For example, if a company intends to buy ten cars from Toyota, there is a good probability that they will ask for a loan from BMW to buy the cars because BMW is considered a credible partner to many sales

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