Definition Of Individual Liberty Essay

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First of all, Individual liberty can be defined as in many ways because everyone has a different answer for it. For example, my definition of it is when the government shouldn’t have control of anybody personal decisions. Individual liberty is when you have freedom of speech, responsibility for your own actions. Liberty means the freedom to succeed for fail on your own decision, everybody should be treated equally. The equality of being free, the power to do things, to believe or act on your own force. Finally, liberty means to live your life, and finding out who you are, taking the advantages of opportunities that best fits you. Economic equity can be defined as all citizens are supposed to be paid the same amount, but others believed that people should be paid for what they can afford of the distribution of assets, taxes, and resources among people of the society. In…show more content…
Some countries would classify themselves as superior from others, this also causes racism, and sometimes the countries will become violent with each other. Sometimes people will die because they believed their country is superior. Because nationalism many countries were forced assimilation to minority countries, there was competition between nations leading to conflict. There were nationalistic movements that were happening in the societies. Nationalism led countries to believe they needed a powerful army to protect them from their allies. Europeans felt they were superior to other countries which led to the unification of both Germany and Italy. The sense of superiority led to a stronger unity between the people of the countries. Nationalism affected Austria by disrupting the government, most of the cultural groups were unstable, it made Austria divide into Austria and Hungary. Nationalism affected Russia because it strengthened the nationalist, but it made the empire

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