Gulfstream IV Case Study

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Gulfstream IV Gulfstream from the beginning of its manufacturing activity had ambitions to make an aircraft with supreme characteristics so that it can be used in different field. Finally with the design of Gulfstream IV they fulfilled their wish as the aircraft set a bunch of world record for the aircraft of its class and is used in different field including business aviation, military use and even in scientific field as it’s used by National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration. Previous planes of Gulfstream G class had quite a success; they also were widely used in commercial aviation as well as in military field. Having in mind all mistakes of previous generation bizjets Gulfstream started the design of G-IV that was in a great demand and is still in service. The construction of Gulfstream IV started in 1993 in collaboration with Grumman. The initial plan was to create a Gulfstream III with stretched fuselage and different engines and later the company made a decision to redesign wing completely. It allowed creating airplane with greater range and better aerodynamic characteristics.…show more content…
Also they wanted to modify inboard wing but as it required rebuilding of fuselage floor the idea was rejected. The outboard wing was modified to reduce the peak subcritical pressure coefficient. As a result The Gulfstream IV has a specific wing with weaker and more swept outboard shock the result of what was a lower cruise drag. Furthermore, new wing design lowered root bending moment and stall speed and increased fuel volume thanks to a longer chord. All these modifications led to range increase for more than 550

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