Essay On Face To Face Communication

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Research Title Mobile phones or face to face communication and barriers of communication among (friends & co-workers) between employees in Sunway University. Independent Variables: Mobile phone or face to face communication Dependent Variables: Personal Satisfaction and Barriers of communication among friends & co-workers Background & Scenario of the Problem Statement Communication is an important tool of social interaction. The last decade has been a propagation of interpersonal communication technologies. These new forms of communication seem to change perceptions of time and place, because they can communicate with people from distance in any point of time. With the arrival of wireless technology come dormant consequences; this unintended…show more content…
It begins with some histrionic postmodern concerns about the effects of new communication technologies especially smart phones. This is followed by a review of the some effects on the time and place shaped by mobile communication. Although much of this paper is relevant to all phone communication, mobile phones aggravate the effects of phone communication because they increase the occurrence of concurrent interactions. These distribute the experience of presence between parallel interactions, creating absent presence in the face to face interaction, as presence is diverted to the phone interaction. Research Questions Mobile phones play a vital role in an employee’s life where they can communicate with their friends and families just by pressing few buttons. But, higher level of mobile communication weakening faces to face communication especially between family and friends. Based on previous studies, it can be said that personal relationships satisfaction lowers through mobile communication rather than face to face communication. Therefore the research questions vital to this research are: RQ1 : Is mobile phone or face to face communication strengthening the relationship among friends in the
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