Short Story: What Comes Around Goes Around

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I am writing this story so people of all ages can read it for pleasure, as well as learning important life lessons. The moral of the story is that what ever you do will come back at you. The theme of my story is “What comes around goes around”. This story very evidently and powerfully displays this saying. In the short story, Jake changes the time on Simon’s watch. Later on, Jake’s calculator breaks down because of the actions he performed to Simon. This is how Jake and the readers will learn the lesson. Another theme that is not big, but can be interpreted is, “Never give up.” When Simon started to give up, his grades got even lower. In the end when he finally snapped out of his sadness, Simon worked really hard and became top again. “Don’t…show more content…
He may seem like a nerd at first sight, but his personality tells a different story. Helpful, kind, caring, sociable, humorous, and so many other adjectives could describe him. Even though he is loved by most, Simon is hated by a few. Jake was among the few. Jake despised him. He hated the fact that he was second, and Simon was always first. When the top score was being announced, Jake always bubbled with jealousy. Then one day, he thought of a cruel plan to crush Simon’s streak. After getting another top score, Jake walked up to Simon and asked, “Hey, how do you always manage to ace your tests?” Evidently clueless to Jake’s plans Simon happily answered, “I use my watch to keep track of time. I always make sure to divide the time I have evenly.” Jake thanks him and returns to his desk. He thinks to himself, ‘Simon’s key to success is his watch! If he doesn't have it with him, I will be able to beat him— but how?’ After brainstorming for a while, Jake thinks of an evil plan. Later that day during gym class, Jake asked the teacher if he could get something from the change room. The teacher allowed him, and Jake searched through Simon’s pencil case. He changed the time on Simon’s watch, so it would be 10 minutes later. When the time for the test had come, Simon was very confident. As they started the test, Ms. Smith announced, “You until 12:30 to complete the test!” Simon checks the time and it read 11:50. Thinking he had 40 minutes to
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