People Should Trust Online Friends

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Even after years had passed the discussion on whether people should trust their online friends or not, still goes on. Persons who don’t regularly use the internet and are not exposed in online conversations always have that impression with internet friends as unreal, shallow and pretentious. On the other side, users who are exposed in interacting with others online are more open in making friendships and know that there are selected persons whom they can trust, and consider them as their friends in the digital world. Of course, there should always be a caution in talking to people whom you barely know. Nevertheless, online users who have their internet friends usually receive that judgmental, “no, you didn’t diverge into that craziness of thinking…show more content…
These are the persons whom we’ve known for years as our friends, and shared a lot of physical interactions with. Furthermore, forming a friendship through face-to-face interactions is the primary way of building a friendship, as there’s no technology that’s needed to be able to converse and express your emotions to them. With your real life friends, you don’t only convey yourself through words, your facial expression, tone of your voice, and hand gestures are considered as huge factors in expressing yourself to your friends, as they can immediately comprehend what you are trying to speak out, instead of guessing the tone of your voice when it comes to written words. Moreover, you can wholly see them, and enjoy their presence while accompanying you for a few hours or even a day. Their hugs and kisses can even make you feel you’re important to someone else. Even the looks on their faces whenever they are worried about you, happy for you, or mad at you, constantly gives a lot of meaning to you. And the way they call you, it’s something meaningful that no other friends can make you feel that way,
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