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Overview It’s not a surprise when the Lululemon Athletica’s founder Chip Wilson got his inspiration from a commercial yoga class he took in Vancouver. Having past experience in surfing, skating and snowboarding business, Chip figured out that the experience of post- yoga rush is somewhat familiar to that of surfing and snowboarding, and believed yoga would become popular again. At that time, yoga practicers performed excercises in cotton clothing and it was proven not to be suitable as the fabric did not remove sweat and allow for highest flexibility. Having experience and passion in athletic fabric, Chip took feedback from yoga instructors to develop his apparel. In November 2000, Lululemon opened its first store in a beach area in Vancouver…show more content…
What does your strategic group map of the performance sports apparel industry look like? Is lululemon well positioned? Why or why not? Although facing with many challenges, Lululemon has adopted a current strategy that assure its position as one the major factor in the athletic apparel market. To achieve what is regconized today, Lululemon has shifted among many different strategies to figure out the suitable one. These are the factors in Lululemon’s strategies: - Lululemon diffrentiates them from other competitors in terms of marketing its products, and the method is called grssroot marketing. This approach targets a small audience with hope of spreading the message to a larger audience, and is considered to have effective results with only low costs. - A vertical strategy is applied, which means the products would only be sold through its own stores and authorized yoga workshops. By this strategy, store employees are also allowed to interact with customers individually to fulfill their needs and meet up with them on developed products. - Lululemon has witnessed its rapid growth since established and intends to increase its market shares by expanding to other geographical locations and offering more innovative products more…show more content…
3. What do you see as the key success factors in the market for performance-based yoga and fitness apparel? The community marketing method plays an important role in the success of Lululemon in the yoga and fitness apparel industry. The company builds its brand image and customer royalty by associating with social media and in- store community boards to approach with different comminities. Moreover, the company offers free yoga and fitness classes to all of its chain stores in every local communities. The classes are instructed by Lululemon embassadors who embody its brand by coaching in Lululemon’s wears. The company also invests a significant amount of time in getting to understand the market before entering and then tailors to the different needs accordingly. This way of marketing is unfamiliar to Lululemon’s competitors whose traditional strategy focuses on print media, TV commercials and celebrity endorsements. As this oftern inceases sales more rapidly when first entering the new market, it might not build an extreme brand royalty like Lululemon. The loyal customers, the unique experience in every store and the ability to meet up with the needs of customers are the factors that guarantee for Lululemon’s

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