Cyber Stalking Case Study

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connected to another computer through to the Internet. This connection is not the link via a third party characterizing typical Internet interactions, rather it is a computer-to-computer connection allowing the interloper to exercise control over the computer of the target. A cyber stalker mostly communicates directly with their target as soon as the target computer connects in any way to the Internet. The stalker can assume control of the victim’s computer and the only defensive option for the victim is to disconnect and relinquish their current Internet address. The situation is like discovering that anytime you pick up the phone, a stalker is on-line and in control of your phone. The only way to avoid the stalker is to disconnect the phone…show more content…
Ego and Power Trips: Ego and power trips are harasser’s online showing off their skills to themselves and their friends. They do not have any grudge against you they are rather using you show-off their power to their friends or doing it just for fun and you have been unlucky enough to have been chosen. Most people who receive threats online imagine their harasser to be large and powerful. But in fact the threat may come from a child who does not really have nay means of carrying out the physical threats made. Victims of Cyber Stalking These days Internet is becoming main source of communication tool for entire family communication rather communication center, which is opening up many more victims to be stalked. The thing to remember is that a talker is someone that wants to be in control. A stalker is not going to pick a victim that is equal to them. This keeps the victim submissive. The main targets are the new to the Internet i.e. females, children, emotionally unstable etc. Someone new to being online is pretty easy to pick out of a crowd in the net. Preventive Measures from Cyber Stalking Studies in the field suggest the following measures to be adopted to impede the effect of Cyber

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