Essay On Impact Of Social Media On Business

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It has been now over 25 years since the advent of Internet in our lives. What all has it brought in the past 15 years post the Y2K gen is not only significant but also phenomenal. With the debut of Facebook in 2004 began the era of Social Media. Social media have changed the living landscape, for people using it daily or shall I say every second or the people who do not use it at all. By definition, social media is where members share content with a wide audience, with the focus on the content and what perception others have about the content. Social Media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube, Zomato, Google+ etc. are not only used by individuals like us but also by many businesses to market their products and services to the masses present all over globe using the power of Internet. A few years before it was thought that Social media is only for helping people connect with friends and families. But now it has become a marketing channel that is very crucial for a business’s growth and popularity. About a majority of businesses have a social media presence for making a direct contact with all of us through our gadgets screens. So what impact does Social Media have on Business? The first benefit of Social Media that comes to my mind is the Infinite Opportunity to talk to your customers: Before Social Media there where a very few ways to communicate with the clients and customers but now a business enterprise…show more content…
As Social media is a medium of expressing one’s feelings, thoughts and experience there is a possibility of customers who are not satisfied with the products and services offered to spread their bad feelings to other customers. Other down side of Social Media can be workers of a company who are not fully skilled providing wrong information to the customers on online platforms. There is also a chance of accidental leak of confidential plans on the internet. This can jeopardize the plans of a

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