Bullying: The Solution To Cyberbullying Among Teens

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Cyberbullying is one of the most common bullying among teenagers. Cyberbullying occurs on social media for example, Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook these are popular platforms for teenagers to interact with each other. And many of those teenagers’ parents don’t even know they are using social media and if they do, they don’t know if their child is being bullied. A lot of teenagers are being targeted by cyberbullying and this leads to trust issues, depression, and sometime suicidal thoughts. Therefore, parents should know and monitor their children’s social media and their personal thoughts to be cautious about the situation. The main question that comes to parents mind is ‘Where does this all start?’ Cyberbullying mainly starts online on…show more content…
Many parents should be cautious about their child’s thoughts and know what they are doing. And keeping track to which they are talking to or following on social media. Many of the times the bully is uses a blank account that no one can know them. Parents sometime think their invading their child’s privacy but that’s better than losing your child to depression or even suicidal thoughts. “Parents likely are missing teachable moments about appropriate communications and healthy relationships, wanting so much to be ‘friends’ with their children that they’re reluctant to set boundaries and limits…”(Erb). Parents should set boundaries for children like put your phones away with family are together. And have limited time on their cellphone devices and be more present in the time. The best advice doesn’t buy a cellphone device for your child at a young age, because then they will know how to interact with others without a…show more content…
And cyberbullying is targeting teenagers who have insecurities of themselves and the bullying makes it worse. And the solution to this type of bullying is parents because the children don’t tell their parents everything. So parents should monitor their kids and limit their time on their electronic devices including cellphone, computer/laptop, tablets, iPods, etc. Word Count: 726 Works Cited Chell. “The Positive Effects of Social Media On Teens.” Buy Instagram Followers Review IG Reviews, 4 Dec. 2017, www.igreviews.org/2017/10/positive-effects-social-media-teens/. Accessed on 11 March 2018. Erb, Robin. “Social-Media abuse rampant in middle, high school.” USA Today, Gannett Satellite Information Network, 12 Apr. 2015, www.usatoday.com/story/tech/2015/04/12/cyberbull ying-study/25652655/. Accessed on 11 March 2018. Hampton, Deon J. “Once a victim, LI student fights cyberbullying.” Newsday, Newsday, 14 June 2017, www.newsday.com/long-island/education/graduations/li-student-targets-cyberbully ing-social-media-for-teens-1.13703354. Accessed on 11 March 2018. “What is Cyberbullying?” Cyberbullying Research Center, cyberbullying.org/what-is-cyberbully ing. Accessed on 11 March

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