Echo And Narcissus Research Paper

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Over the past decade, a visible social movement has been induced by the "uprising" of media websites. However, it has undoubtedly peaked during the last couple of years. With the steady establishment of new social networks, there are varying viewpoints regarding the amount of time many people spend fixed to a screen. This brings a question to mind: is society isolating itself from face-to-face contact and resorting to online friends? Possibly. But is such an action always critical and destructive? Opinions range on the subject. Nevertheless, most thoughts deviate towards a common conclusion: without any meaningful relationships to others, we cannot develop proper communication skills and begin to miss the opportunities around us. Through the analyzation of the argument, using examples such as an article by Barry…show more content…
When a user's social status is built only upon their "better side," they do not expect a negative response from their surroundings. This causes an obsessive nature within society, a need to be encompassed by people who adore us and don't recognize our flaws. In the myth of Echo and Narcissus, we see the growth of Narcissus's self-confidence and ego. At first, the youth relishes in the attention, slowly detaching himself from everyone whom he deems "unworthy." And yet, as he discovers and falls in love with his own reflection, Narcissus only suffers and slowly deteriorates. Social media has a tendency to slip in the same direction. When we cut ourselves off from our surroundings, we give up important connections to the people in our everyday lives. Although this may not be due to an overflowing ego, the people around us will inevitably fall away, and once we give up social media, we will realize we have broken off relevant relationships; we become too concerned with ourselves and the responses to our online face to realize the harm we're doing to the friendships that truly

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