The Importance Of Social Media Strategy

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Since the early 2000s, social media platforms have invaded and taken over public consciousness and has become essential to everyday life. No matter what kind of business a company operates in, it became an indispensable communication tool to connect and keep in touch with its audience. The field of intervention of social media is much diversified. It can be the publication of posts on Facebook, the broadcasting of videos on YouTube, the sending of a snap or even the use of virtual reality. The Internet is being used by millions of people at this moment. Therefore, these technologies have led to a paradigm shift in the way that communication happens. Social media can be defined as the collection of tools and online spaces available to help individuals…show more content…
There is a big competition with other companies because 91% of brands is using more than one social media platform (, 2017), so the use of a social media strategy is very important. Proper use of a social media Strategy makes it possible to work its popularity, but also its referencing since the indices of sharing a web page or a video on different social media are clues that contribute to good ranking of a web page in Google results (SEO). The brand doesn’t really exist online if that’s not represented through several social channels. There is no doubt that having a well-defined strategy will increase brand visibility, engage the community and ultimately the income…show more content…
The budget that a small business must devote to establish its presence on social media must be enough to have a positive return on investment. That also requires time unless hiring a team of marketers to handle all tasks related to the management of its presence on social media. This can be complicated for a small business. In contrast, if companies let consumers do the talking, this will dramatically reduce substantially costs devoted to the brand promotion. However, using a social media strategy also allows the brand to set objectives and figure out how to reach them. It is a way to define the strengths and the weaknesses of the different social media used. That helps the company to see which goals had been achieved and write a look at what remains to be done. It is a way to be organized and to manage time. Elaborate a budget plan allows to measure the cost of a campaign and see if this campaign will be possible to realize or not. It is clear that a social media campaign can be expensive, but it appears more like an investment with long terms benefits rather than a waste of money. It is important to know how to use social media, by selecting what kind of content should be posted, which social platforms can attract the most people, and the right time to attract people to a social media account. Shared content is very important because it can change the consumer’s perception

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