Online Shopping Literature Review

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Online Shopping - What factors that affect consumers and retailers? LITERATURE REVIEW Nowadays, online shopping is one of the famous medium for people to buy many kind of products such as clothes, accessories, cosmetics and so on. It was started before when the demand to study the effects of new media technologies on consumer purchasing behaviour further is called for by the steady growth of online sales has shifted the online approach as the interesting preference for various sizes of retailers (Abrams, 2010). Price and Quality of the Product Pricing decision is one the most vital thing in each business plan as it affect the significant components of a company’s marketing approach (RA Lancioni, 2005). As a consumer, high quality of goods…show more content…
The involvement of the product has high tendency in influencing customer’s purchase decisions where high- involvement consumers go actively in gathering as well as propagating the information of the products or service that they are attracted to, differently from the low-involvement consumers which are not. This phenomenon is known as word-of-mouth (Bloch & Richins, 1983) and it is the major mover to affect purchase decision (Richins & Bloch, 1986). Certain consumers may have influenced by recommendation in the decision making process like asking a good friend on how to choose a product (Price and Feick, 1984) yet they still used their own opinion to make the decision (S. Senecal et. al). Based on Fitzsimons and Lehmann (2001) research, they found that consumers that used their own opinion rather than follow the recommendation are likely to feel decreased in satisfaction, increased in difficulty as well as confidence with their product choice. Hence, the retailers should have an interesting marketing strategies to earn trust from the consumers to their products. Maintain a high level of informational interest is one of the step that can be considered by the retailers where it is work by monitoring the viewer feedback, for example ‘likes’ and ‘comments’ along with delivering the type of content that appeal to have immensely positive feedback. This interaction with consumers can bring to social benefits (N.Y.Jung et al. 2014) in which the relationship between retailers and consumers will be closer and the retailers will have high chance to get consumers trust of their products. It follows that a strong social connection may devote to a strong gratitude of the
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