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The North and South emerged as two distinct regions because they had various differences. These differences included the geography, the economy, their attitude and how they control their region. In the North, “railroads affected life in the United States more than any other invention during the 1800s” . In the South, their first major cash crop was tobacco. The North had an inventor named John Deere which invented plows to help pioneers in the western United States. The South had plantation mansions which had many plantation owners stay in. The South had many influencer's that shaped its region was Nat Turner and Jacob Stroyer. Both regions have created each region because of each inventor and how crops revolutionized each region. One of the most striking differences between the North and South was the climate and geography. In the North, their climate included”warm and humid summers, which also had cold, snowy-winters”. The South’s climate was a long summer that had mild winters. The geography of the South included agriculture and soil which helped the crops grow. The North had rivers, bays, cities, trading centers, and water powers that help create power in factories. The South saw rainfall…show more content…
In the South, their economy was based on agriculture and which they grew many cash crops and those included cotton, tobacco, rice, sugar cane, and indigo. The invention that Eli Whitney created to make cotton easier became popular in the South. The South had an essential item that made their economy boom and that is slavery. “The North had an economy that was based on manufacturing”. The most immigrants to find jobs in factories and produce goods were Europeans. Textiles were being created in factories that help expand their economy in the North. The North and South have improved their economy by what goods and services they have cropped or what they have made in factories so, they can help their

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