Part Time Indian Book Report

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The Absolutely True Diary of a Part-Time Indian - A summary “The Absolutely True Diary of a Part-Time Indian” is a book written by Sherman Alexie and focuses on the life of teenager Arnold, also called Junior, who, after leaving the Rez to go to highschool in Reardan, is facing the typical problems of coming of age. The books starts with Arnold, also called Junior, a fourteen year old boy living on the Rez, telling the reader that he has water in his brain. Arnold describes his various medical conditions like too much spinal fluid in the brain or epilepsy. He also has to wear uglyplastic eyeglasses. All of this results in Junior getting bullied a lot. He likes to draw cartoons. It’s his way of getting understood by people and expressing himself. After Arnold tells the story of his dog having to be put down, he introduces his parents as well as his sister and mentions that they never got to…show more content…
Then Rowdy is introduced. Rowdy is Arnolds best and only friend. Together they read comics and talk about life. Rowdy also protects Arnold from his bullies, like the one time they get revenge on a bunch of mean Indians during a Powwow. After a incident at school, where ARnold realizes that there is no hope for him to ever fulfill his dreams, Mr. P, Arnolds math teacher advises him to leave the Rez and to go to school in Reardan, a town outside the Reservation. Otherwise, Arnold will have no chance to succeed in life. Junior decides to transfer from his reservation school to Reardan High and finds that he is the only Indian in town. By switching schools, Arnold is seen as a traitor of his tribe and therefore, Rowdy won’t speak to him anymore. But not only Rowdy, most of the other Indians in the Rez treat Arnold as a traitor too. Both in the Rez and in school he is an
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