Cole On The Island Chapter 24 Summary

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Chapter 24 begins with Edwin coming to see Cole on the island where he is banished. Cole tells him that he did the dance of anger the previous night. The dance of anger taught Cole that he has to forgive people, Otherwise they will control you. Edwin mentions to Cole that he has to help someone else, otherwise the pain of his anger will exist forever. Cole connects the two together and realizes that this was the reason why Garvey and Edwin help Cole so much. After learning his lesson Cole carves the anger dance into the totem pole he has been making. Winter starts to arrive and Cole stops his anger treatment, like carrying the ancestor rock and going for his soak in the pond. Because of neglecting his various treatments Cole starts to worry about going back to…show more content…
Cole tries to tell Edwin that he has an idea to help Peter, but Edwin just ignores him. The next day, Edwin arrives with news that Peter has tried to end his life again, Edwin then asks Cole about the idea he came up with to help Peter. Cole says that Peter has to come to the island to find forgiveness and a reason to live. Edwin argues that Peter’s parents would be strongly against having their son on the same island as his attacker. Cole argues back though that if they saw that Cole had changed for the better and if Garvey or Edwin stayed on the island they would let Peter come. After a few days, Edwin comes back with others this time to the island. Edwins guests are revealed to be Peter, Peter's parents and Garvey. Cole describes to the group everything he had done on the island up to their arrival and explains that he can't heal until he helps Peter to heal. Peter's parents decided to leave Peter alone with Garvey and Cole, thinking that it is safe enough. Peter still doesn't want to talk to Peter, but when Cole gives a candy bar to Peter, he eats it after it laid down on a rock for a

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