Cultural Comparison Report: Culture And Canadian Culture

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Cultural Comparison Report __________/5% (15 marks) INSTRUCTIONS: Chooseone culture (this could be your home culture, but not Canadian). Research some small aspects of that culture. Compare both that culture and Canadian Culture. Cultural things that are ‘Normal” in your chosen culture Cultural things that are “Normal” in Canada. Multiculturalism India is a largest democracy in the world with diverse populations and constitutes major religions. The population consists of diverse physical features, racial diversity, linguistic diversity, religious diversity, caste, colors and customs diversity. Every religion has a strong bond with India. There are 200 languages spoken and has a tribal culture. Every citizen has a freedom to follow…show more content…
Indian cuisine is considered as one of the most diverse and it is most popular around the world. Rice, chapatti, curry, flour, pulses and lentils. Multiculturalism Canada adopted multiculturalism as an official policy. Canada welcomes and respects all citizens, regardless of their languages, religions, languages or ethnic origin. Canadian multiculturalism encourages every citizen to take part in economic, social and political affairs. Every citizen respects the legal and political process. The law of Canada gives complete freedom to all women and men the freedom of speech, expressing opinions and thoughts, freedom of dignity irrespective of ethnicity, religion and languages. Diversity has been proved as an asset for Canada, where communication has made it easier for international trade; globally participate in education, immigration and international events. Language Canada is an English speaking country. English and French are two official languages of Canada. The majority of Canadians speaks English and minority speak both French and English. There are different languages spoken because of diverse populations. Canadian…show more content…
Canadians are very soft spoken and they would avoid using the words which could hurt others listening to them. Tourism and Natural Beauty Canada is the second largest country which attracts significant tourist due to its geographical variety. It is well known for its natural beauty, parks, lakes and other historic sites and seven wonders of Canada. Canada has more lakes as compared to rest of the world. Public place such as roads, highways, parks and houses are clean. People are more educated in terms of keeping the environment clean. Sports Sports played in Canada consist of variety of games. The most common games are Canadian football, soccer, ice hockey and lacrosse. Ice hockey is the most significant winter sport in Canada and is also an official National winter sport. Lacrosse is also known as Canada’s official summer sport. Canadian football league is largest sports event held annually and Canadian football is considered as second popular spectator

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