Roller Coaster Ride-Personal Narrative

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Period 7 My heart began to beat faster in excitement as I watched the line to the roller coaster slowly shorten to only a few people. After standing in the long line, I got on the roller coaster. But I still remember how scared I was by the end of the ride. As I got off, I thought to myself, “How could I not have known that the roller coaster I had just ridden could simply turn into the scariest moment of my life?” After the roller coaster stopped, and the passengers before us got off the ride, the gates opened, allowing us to get on the roller coaster. I sit on the rough and uncomfortable plastic seat of the roller coaster and grip the cool metal rail in front of me in excitement. It was already starting to get darker and my brother and I had been waiting for about an hour in the long line to the roller coaster. When everyone was secured into their seats, the roller coaster began to move, slowly gaining speed. As the ride kept moving, I looked around and noticed how much darker it had gotten.…show more content…
My stomach churned violently as the roller coaster followed it’s tracts falling perpendicular to the ground. Suddenly, I felt a heavy weight upon my shoulders as the roller coaster swerved away from the ground. The wind stung my eyes as I struggled to sit upright in my seat. It seemed as if the roller coaster was getting faster. Immediately, bright lights filled my eyes as we swiftly entered a tunnel. Camera lights flashed as the sound of the howling wind and screaming passengers reaches our ears. The roller coaster sped through the tunnel and quickly exited through the other end, plunging back into the dark night. The roller coaster turned left and right, and went down and up as I gritted my teeth and gripped my seat as hard as I could. I asked myself, “Is this ride ever going to end?” To my relief, that was when I saw the end of the ride coming

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