Martin Luther King Jr And Nelson Mandela Comparison Of Civil Rights

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Elise Coby Mr. Smith History 1/ 27/15 Comparison of Civil rights leaders Two brave leaders willing to give up their lives for freedom. Martin Luther King jr. and Nelson Mandela fought for what they believed in for many years. Each leader faced many disadvantages and barriers but they never gave up. Even when people were being killed, buildings and houses were burned to the ground, or taken to jail for no reason, neither Nelson Mandela nor Martin Luther King jr. let their guards down. I researched the many ways both leaders overcame some of the worst times in the United States and South Africa. Martin Luther King Jr. from Atlanta, Georgia was a Baptist minister and social activist. He played a very important part in the American civil rights movement from the mid 1950’s to his assassination in 1968. Martin Luther King Jr. looked up to leaders of nonviolence such as Mahatma Gandhi. He fought for equality of African Americans. Martin Luther King did this through peaceful protests, marches, and helped start the Montgomery bus boycott. He was awarded the Nobel peace prize in 1964 and has a day dedicated to remember all he did for equality. Martin Luther King gave many inspirational speeches to…show more content…
The reason being that at the time Martin Luther King was the most popular, Nelson Mandela was in jail and he stayed in jail for twenty seven years. Martin Luther King was never able to visit South Africa because the government refused it. Nelson Mandela later traveled to America to give talks and speeches but was never able to meet King because by the time he was out of jail Martin Luther King had been killed. In the end what separated the two were issues of popularity and time. After Martin Luther King’s assassination his wife Coretta Scott King attended Nelson Mandela’s inauguration as South Africa’s first black president in

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