Sitting Bull Conflicts

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The rival between sitting bull and the military did not end when sitting bull surrendered his rifle in 1881 at Fort Buford when just a few months before he took the saw mill blade from Buford and played it like a war drum on christmas eve. This is just one of the many conflicts between the military and Sitting Bull. The main point that will be made is what the United States military learned from Sitting Bull throughout the years. Throughout this paper you may find statements or conflicts that are not in a certain generation’s history books This is mostly because that history book that the said generation have read in school, and what the current generation have now is in many ways different. Since new artifacts, written documents and technology…show more content…
When Custer was on his way to the west he started out with two to four piece of the .58 caliber Gatling guns and a rough total of 925 officers and men of other ranks. When his journey got to the Dakota Territory at fort Lincoln near present day Bismarck north Dakota Custer made a derestrict decision to leave the Gatling guns at the fort. There are two theories on why he did this the first is because of his brassy attitude. Because of his previous victories on earlier campaigns and he also thought that a soldier of honor would not accept this piece of artillery and no one really knew how to incorporate into a setting of calvary warfare. The second is that they were too cumbersome in the type of terrain they were in. they had trouble keeping up with the rest of the Colum which could have been resolved with pack mules. In the carriages the rest on for transport it was fairly easy to tip the piece over. Part of this decision was most likely made because of the heavy rain that…show more content…
But what lies ahead no-one was expecting. On November 27, 1876 on his way up to Canada he was stopped by the mounted police one of them being Major Walsh. He told Sitting Bull that this is not the place to be hiding out after a raid on the United States military. sitting Bull explained his position and he told him that he wants no trouble. He just wants a place to live in peace. For the month of May Sitting Bull and his followers spent wondering around looking for a place to stay with the help of Légaré a fur trader. After they found a place to stay that was more of the prairies of Canada Sitting Bull went and told the local Mounties that they found a place to live the station was Cypress Hills Police and he met Irvine. This is what the talked about in their meeting, after a bit of talking Sitting Bull grabbed a medal that was given to him by his grandfather when he help the king of England George III. He told Irvine “my Grandfather received this medal in recognition of his battle for George III during the revolution.” He proceeds to say “Now in this odd time, I direct my people here to reclaim a sanctuary of my Grandfather.” Irvine allowed him to stay on one condition that he must obey the laws as every other citizen of her majesty

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