Chinese Immigrant Parents Vs. Chinese-American Parents

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Julie Lin Mrs. Desmond JRP Phase IV 07 January 2015 Education Parenting and Culture Difference: Comparison Between Chinese Immigrant and Chinese-American Parents. Thesis: Most of the Chinese immigrant parents and Chinese American parents have the similar parenting style and expectation for their children’s education. However, there are essential differences between Chinese immigrant parents and Chinese American parents because of their different cultural contexts with their different educational expectations of going to college. Introduction: Thesis statement Disruption of argument. There are some essential differences between Chinese culture and American culture in context of achieving a college degree. American society emphasizes independence,…show more content…
(Chua) Chinese immigrant parents’ aspiration that their children have a better education and bright successful future than their peers in China. Different cultural contexts between Chinese immigrant parents and Chinese American parents. Chinese immigrant parents are affected by their cultural context, which might also affects their educational expectation towards their children’s academic success. Confucianism affects the Chinese immigrant parents’ educational values. The idea of Confucianism affects people’s thought towards education by its ethics and values. “Confucius also underlined the effect of education on social morality and deemed it the top priority for the rulers to educate the people after their subsistence problems are solved.” (Xiangming) “This perception influences immigrant pessimism, namely that immigrant parents see higher education as a necessary way for their children to offset potential discrimination.” (Louie) American society affects the Chinese American parents’ demand towards education. Emphasized the ability of…show more content…
Parental love can make a great influence on children, it might hinders children from developing a strong sense of self. The strict authoritarian parenting leads to the problem of the ignorance of personal autonomy. Example of “Tiger Mother” Amy Chua: reflects that American society embraces independence. The way how Amy Chua parenting her two daughters, Lulu and Rosie. “I threatened her with no lunch, no dinner, no Christmas or Hanukkah presents, no birthday parties for two, three, four years...I told her to stop being lazy, cowardly, self-indulgent, and pathetic.” (Chua) Amy Chua’s first daughter Lulu, who was not allowed to use the Restroom until she finished practising her piano piece. Both her daughter Lulu and Sophia were never allowed to get a grade less than an A. Amy Chua’s ideas towards parenting. Always encouraged to exert children’s own independence and to train them to have their own decisions in life. Always training children fairly early and “be disciplined would be one way to foster their self-motivation.”

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