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Literature Review What? An introduction to Fashion ecommerce in India, factors affecting it, how important it is for people in India? What is my understanding of it? Fashion ecommerce in India started Why? The market size of fashion ecommerce in India is expected to be $15 billion in the next five years. (Source - ) India's e-commerce market, although small in comparison to China's or the United States', is expected to rise swiftly to be worth over $32 billion by the end of the decade. How? When? Where? Do • Personalize your language. • Keep your e-language…show more content…
The government of India tested this online strategy to make it convenient for its public to book the train tickets. Hence, the government came forward with the IRCTC Online Passenger Reservation System, which for the first time met the online ticket booking from anywhere at any time. This was a blessing to the common man as now they didn’t have to wait for long in line, they weren’t any issues of wastage of time during unavailability of the trains, no burden on the ticket bookers and many more. The advancements in the technology as the years passed on have been also seen in the IRCTC Online system as now one can book tickets (tatkal, normal, etc.) on one go, easy payments, can check the status of the ticket and availability of the train as well. This is a big achievement in the history of India in the field of online E- Commerce. After the surprising success of the IRCTC, the online ticket booking system was followed by the airlines (like AirDeccan, Indian Airlines, Spicejet, etc.). Airline agency encouraged, web booking to save the commission given to agents and thus in a way made a major population of the country to try E-Commerce for the first time. Today, the booking system is not just limited to the transportation rather hotel bookings, bus booking etc. are being done using the websites like Makemytrip and…show more content…
Today e- commerce has become an integral part of everyday life. Accessibility to e-commerce platforms is not a privilege but rather a necessity for most people, particularly in the urban areas. The first E-Commerce site in India was It was one of the most trafficked portals for both Indians and non-residents Indians. It provided a wealth of Indian related business news a reach engine, e-commerce and web solution services. Today the number of internet users in the world is close to 3 billion. Out of this, India has a total of 259.14 Million internet and broadband subscribers. (Source: Internet Usage Statistics - The Internet Big Picture - World Internet Users and Population Stats” available at ) This penetration of internet coupled with the increasing confidence of the internet users to purchase online, has led to an enormous growth in the e-commerce space, with an increasing number of customers registering on e-commerce websites and purchasing products through the use of mobile phones. It is not surprising, therefore, that India is in a prime position for the growth and development of the e- commerce sector. In particular, e-commerce presents one of the greatest opportunities in the retail sector. The mergers and acquisitions are also taking place in e-commerce

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