Difference Between LPN And RN

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Today’s healthcare system is complex, demanding and constantly changing. It is difficult to differentiate between LPN’s and RN. They both are licensed nurses and provide similar services like administer medication, change dressing, insert catheters, either may work in a hospital, clinic or doctor’s office. However, there are many differences related to educational level, scope of practice, critical thinking, assessment skills, care planning, legal responsibilities, Intravenous therapy, Communication skills and Patient Teaching Skills. Scope of practice: As stated by the Florida Nurses Practice Act, a “Registered Nurse” means any person licensed in this state to practice provisional nursing Florida Statutes, and a “Licensed Practical Nurse”…show more content…
The licensed practical nurses identify common patient problems and participate in assisting patients to achieve expected outcomes in the plan of care. The registered nurses utilize problem solving skills to formulate a care plan, establish mutual goals with the patient and family, and oversee the implementation and evaluation of the plan. The RN is more oriented toward leading other nursing personnel in designing, implementing, and evaluating the nursing plan of care. The LPN contribute to the development and modification of the plan of care by assisting the registered nurse or supervising physician in identification of client needs and…show more content…
Therapeutic communication theory is introduced at the LPN level in order to prepare for interacting with patients and families, but there is limited tin=me to expand upon other aspects of communication that are important to patient care. RNS are exposed to theory on various normal and abnormal communication patterns and mental health disorders. They also have the opportunity to care for patients experiencing behavioral difficulties and to practice communication skills. They complete courses in psychology and sociology in order to form a better understanding of behavioral cues that might influence communication. So the RN and LPN have been prepared differently to deal with the communication aspects of the nurse-patient

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