Importance And Importance Of Human Rights

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“All human beings are born free and equal in dignity and rights. They are endowed with reason and conscience and should act towards one another in a spirit of brotherhood”. This was declared by the United Nations in 1945 in which a person is naturally entitled with human rights simply because she or he is a human being and this should be expected in all human beings regardless of their sex, gender, religion, location, and color. Human rights are as old as human civilization; but their use and relevance have been well defined during the recent years. It has gathered more importance after the Second World War period, particularly after the United Nation’s Declaration of Human Rights in 1948. Human rights are moral principles, which describe certain…show more content…
Men suppose that women should stay at home with the child and not go to work because she is more caring and loving and she’s the one that holds the baby for nine months and gives birth. The man should be the one who works and provides money for his family to be able to satisfy all their needs and wants and keep the family in a comfortable situation where their children attend school, have a home, have food, and are healthy. Women have started to accept the fact that they should stay at home and this has been proven in a study that 56% of women stay at home rather than going to work whereas, 30.7% of men stay at home rather than going to work. This proves the disparity between men and women in which women are given the priority to sit at home while men go to work to provide a living for their family and are viewed as heroes for their families. Men are also known for their stronger physical abilities than women. According to How Stuff Works, a study released in 1993 explored the difference in muscle makeup between men and women. The study found that the female participants in the study had only about 52 percent of the strength that the men exhibited in their upper bodies. The researchers contributed this to the higher concentration of fatty tissues that are present in the top half of women's bodies. For example, women's bodies are designed for pregnancy. This is why women have wider hips than men, which are ideal for storing extra fat that their bodies need during pregnancy. Men, who are free from needing to meet the requirements of birth, are generally stronger and built in a way that muscles can flourish easily. Also according to Live Science, males have higher metabolisms than women, which helps them burn more calories and provide more strength. Female metabolisms tend to convert food into fat. This extra fat is

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