Essay On Human Life Systems

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There are 6 important Systems in the human body,this contains of the digestive,musculoskeletal,respiratory, nervous and circulatory system.They help us with our everyday life without them we would not be able to survive. The digestive system helps us digest our food and provides us with energy and nutrients.Musculoskeletal helps us with our movement without it we wouldn’t be able to stand,run,walk or sit. The respiratory system brings oxygen for us so that we can breathe out CO2. The Nervous system is responsible for the control of the body just like the brain is. The circulatory system delivers nutrients and oxygen to all the cells. Each of our systems interact with all the other systems, they all have their part in making our body healthy and giving us the energy we need to do daily activities. The digestive system works with the circulatory system in order to get the nutrients that have been absorbed shared in your body. Since the circulatory carries signals that tell…show more content…
The digestive system would not be able to give as many nutrients as it does now,it would also make the process a lot slower, it would also cause getting rid of waste harder.This would affect all your systems, as each of the systems depend on each other. The Musculoskeletal system would be affected as it needs energy for it to be able to move. Since the digestive system provides nutrients such as calcium which is very important for bones and without calcium our bones would be very weak. Since there would not be a lot of energy for the circulatory system that would cause the nervous system to be very slow and not be able to send or receive many message from and to the brain. This would also affect the Circulatory system because then circulatory system delivers blood and nutrients to other organs but if there aren’t enough nutrients then the circulatory system wouldn’t be able to do its

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