Essay On Sound Waves

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Sound Wave Sound waves are a series of longitudinal and compression waves that moves through air or other material and don’t travel through vacuums or space. Sound waves were created by vibration of objects. The speed of waves is faster 4 times in liquids than in solids and it is faster in higher temperatures than in lower temperatures. Sound waves have 3 types which are infrasonic, audible and ultrasonic and are used for many applications for example medicine. To begin with, sound was first discovered in sixth century by the Greek mathematician and philosopher Pythagoras. As he noticed the relationship between the length of a vibrating string and the tone produced by it what is known now as first law of strings and he also noticed that the sensation of sound is caused by vibrations. Moreover, sound wave is a longitudinal pressure wave of audible or inaudible sound in an elastic medium, it is a wave producing and audible sensation. Added to that, Sound wave requires a medium to travel through and the speed of the wave depends on the properties of the medium it travels through. The Sinusoidal sound waves are very similar to sinusoidal waves on a string by mathematical description. Sound waves are classified into infrasound (subsonic) which is below 20…show more content…
Furthermore, using same sonar technique animals like dolphins and bats make use of the sound waves to find their way and navigate as the waves are sent out then reflected off the objects around those animals. Those animals use the reflection of sound waves to create images of their surroundings. Beside, digital images that can be provided by sending sound wave into human bodies can help doctors to detect internal injuries and
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