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Leong Jing Yi (11) 4 Truth LIT AA 2 Choose two poems from the book Poems Deep and Dangerous, which you would recommend to a friend as being most relevant to modern life. By close reference, explain the reason for your choice. Poetry that is most relevant to modern life today should serve the purpose of bringing comfort to the reader, yet at the same time being easy to understand and unique in writing style. The poems I have chosen, that of ‘The Center of the Universe’ and ‘Not My Best Side’, exemplify these qualities the best, therefore I would recommend them a friend. Both poems are similar in style in terms of their writing style.‘The Center of the Universe’ centers around the protagonist who writes from his point of view as ‘I’, sharing his thoughts about how despite living an unconventionally unsuccessful life, he is still burdened to help out his friends living miles away from him with their tiny problems. ‘Not My Best Side’ also centres around a similar narrative of a first person’s point of view through thoughts about the struggles of dealing with gender stereotypes, sharing a unique standpoint of expressing independence through the inside thoughts of a damsel in distress and her saviour. The first person narratives of these poems are crucial to allow modern readers to relate to them easily, and also…show more content…
This is important to our daily lives, because it is important to be critical of our surroundings especially since we are more often than not exposed to diverse

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