Pakistan National Identity

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At the beginning we had a direction and a theme that what we wanted to represent on the banknote was united on the basis of Urdu and Islam in the newly born “territorial state” but soon the different ethnicities, cultures and thoughts started to clash and the political and social differences began to emerge. In my interview with Arif Hassan, he talked about multiple identities that prevailed in the society and his perspective was similar to that which Ishtiaq Ahmed said in his article “Pakistan’s National Identity”. There are three identities which overlap one another; regional identity, identity as a territorial state and an Islamic identity. The regional identities which prevailed in the society were much older than the national identity.…show more content…
Our banknotes were not allowed to evolve similar to our identity. With constant political fluctuations and changing regimes, banknotes simply remained as another political medium starting from the language issue in 1960s to the effects of Islamization during Zia ul Haq time, to the coin of Banazir Bhutto during the rule of Pakistan People’s Party. When I talked to Dr. Asma she denied the existence of any theme behind the Pakistan banknotes; she believed that the only criteria were the presence of four provinces. On the other hand one can also talk about how the architectural places have also politicized and symbolic meanings have changed. Places such as Moen-jo-Daro, Minaar-e- Pakistan which was on the bank notes to introduce it to the world and make it a tourist spot have undergone changes in meaning in the light of recent social and political…show more content…
It changes over time, being more dynamic than static. It is the characteristic of the banknote to be able to reflect people’s habit and behavior. These individual personalities combine to form collective identity. But, in case of Pakistan, hybrid or multiple identities is more suitable. In these types of notes, common identities are presented on one side while it allows diverse identities on the other side. Survey led me to the fact that majority of the people perceive cultural values to be the true identity of Pakistan and suggested that these diversities and amalgamation of cultures be presented on the banknotes. Peter Symes did not believe that architecture is the best language but he felt that buildings are convenient option and are open to translation as well open. Other languages such as that of “national heroes, national scenes and native fauna and flora” may enjoy equal success as

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