Overcoming Obstacles Analysis

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Theme essay The purpose of this poem or story is to entertain. The theme of the story is overcoming obstacles. At least that’s what I think it is. I have gathered some quotes and information in order to prove my point that overcoming obstacles is the theme of the story. Although the purpose of the story is to entertain, I think it still gives you a little lesson or message to carry on through life, and this message is or lesson is overcoming obstacles because throughout the story Ha has to overcome some big things that are going through her life. As mentioned earlier, I gathered some quotes to show the things she’s going through. I then explained the quote to understand the things she’s going through a little better. The first quote I chose is this one; “She waves from the back window of their rabbit shaped car. Her tears mix with long strands of hair, long hair I wish I had.” I got this detail from page 16 and from the story called “TiTi waves goodbye”. She is overcoming something big in that quote. The thing that she is trying to overcome is losing her best friend “TiTi”. This is a very big thing to overcome because she is losing a friend that she has had a lot of memories with. She has known TiTi since she was a little girl and now she won’t see her for the rest of her life. Ha has to be strong to be able to overcome this, and…show more content…
This is probably the hardest one she has to overcome. She hasn’t seen her father since she was very little. This can be very hard to overcome because every child needs both their mother and her father. In this case all three of the children and are missing their father. She dearly misses her father and wishes he would come home. This here is evidence that the theme of this story or poem is “Overcoming

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