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Technology is all around us, with our smartphones, our home devices and even our cars. We can call our families and friends while driving without even picking up the phone and technology proved to be faster and safer for people's convenience. Almost everything is available to us only a voice command away. Daily Mail, the UK’s second biggest selling newspaper states that the average human spends more time on electronics such as smartphones or laptops than sleeping; the average time being eight hours and 41 minutes, 20 minutes longer than the average night’s sleep. Even though a good night’s sleep is important to a healthy lifestyle, the urgency of a text or new email is enough to awaken the sleeping person. However, new technology is being…show more content…
One of the first computers produced for human use was the ENIAC, the Electronic Numerical Integrator and Computer. The computer, invented in 1946, was the standing point for thousands of other technology invented throughout the years leading up to today. After the ENIAC came portable computers like a PC, Dell, or a Mac laptop. However, there are still new computers and technology that are still being produced and invented. Thousands of new tech came after the ENIAC, which only improved the standard for tech. Another example of new technology still being developed is again the iPhone. Steve Jobs first pitched the idea of a smartphone in January of 2007, with the phone released 6 months later in June. Apple has made it their ordeal to release a new iPhone every year and they have kept up with it. The iPhone 3 released July 2008 and so on, till 2017 when they released two phones less than a month apart. Already Apple is setting the blueprints and passing rumors around of an iPhone 11, which would release in 2018 with .3 more inches of screen, but still no home button. With new technology still being built, humans have many options to choose from to make their lives easier with voice commands and face ID to unlock their
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