Ruddell's Model Of Ethical Behavior

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Through the teachings in this course, there are two models that were introduced that helps solves ethical problems in an organization. These two models are the Ethics Toolkit (The Plus Decision Making Model) and Ruddell’s Model. Ruddell discusses in his book the importance of solving ethical problems and how the application of the Christian model is important. He states that it’s just not enough to have principles laid out neatly, but we must also apply these principles in real situations (Ruddell, p. 115, 2014). Developing steps for solving ethical problems gives you a plan of attack, insures that you have a consistent approach which should reduce liability, and gives individuals a sense of knowing that standards are more important than personal…show more content…
Ruddell seeks to demonstrate the consistency of solving these issues with seven steps. These seven steps are: realize that an ethical standard has been violated by becoming an expert about the business operations and the ethical standards of your organization, identify all the people affected by the ethical violation by having an overall concern for people as well as making sure you have complete and accurate information, gather pertinent information from all concerned by gathering information about the ethical violation. Step 4 involves analyzing all the information and look at all sides by trying to avoid the extremes of legalism and antinomianism. Step 5 is making a decision based on your organizational standards and what is good for all the people in your organization and as much as possible to the individuals concerned. Step 6 is the step where you implement the decision ethically now that it is understood what actions to take. The final step of Ruddell’s model is to discuss the lessons learned, learn from the situation so that you can avoid this problem in the…show more content…
I would first start by assessing the principles and values relevant to the particular problem that can help result in a decision which is believable and defendable. I would then state the background of the problem, its origin, and other important details. I would then list the possible solutions to the problem, next I would consider the likely impacts of each of the initial solutions and think of the outcomes of each solution, who will it possibly affect, and consider how will each solution harm or help people. The next couple steps in my approach would involve eliminating unacceptable solutions, then I would asses which values are which values are upheld and violated by each solution. The final step in my approach I would evaluate the possible solutions and consider the likely impacts and the values which will be upheld or violated and then I will make a decision and state clearly on why it is the best

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