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A character from the novel “Legend” by Marie Lu that can be considered a best friend is Tess. Tess can be considered a best friend because she is caring and watches out for Day. For example on page fifty-one it states “Tess’s smile fades. “You pulled a close one there⎯ closest one yet. If I hadn’t found someone to take us in, I don’t think you would’ve made it.”” This textual evidence supports my reason that Tess could be a best friend because it shows how much she cares for day. The main setting in this novel is post-apocalyptic. I don’t think this is an ideal place to visit because the Republicans are very sercetive and sly. For example, on page 232 it says “But something else distracted me. “There’s something in your vest pocket, Dad,”…show more content…
June both got perfect scores on their Trial. But that doesn’t mean they are perfect people.June is naive about her government and turns a blind eye to its cruelties. Day is described as physically perfect that the Republic wants to use his DNA to make pills and contact lenses, but both characters have flaws. Day can be self-centered and has some trouble empathizing with others. The author suggests that even people that seem perfect always have flaws if one looks carefully enough. For example, on page 296 it says “I whirl tp face June. She watches me quietly. “That’s Jonh!” I shout over the rain. “The boy is John! What was he doing out there, out in the yard? June says nothing. I can’t catch my breath. I understand what she did now. “You didn’t take him back,” I manage to say. “You switched us instead.” “I didn’t do it,” she replies. “He did.” I limo back to her. I grab her by her shoulders and push her back against the chimney. “Tell me what happened. Why did he do it?” I shout. “It should’ve been me!” June cries out in pain, and I relize that she’s injured. A deep gash runs acroos her soldier, staining her shirt with blood.” The textual evidence supports the theme of Perfection because it shows that Day sometimes acts before he thinks. By pushing June up against the chimney with force it hurt her more than she already

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