A Christmas Memory Truman Capote

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In “A Christmas Memory”, Truman Capote demonstrates how the most unexpected people can turn out to be the most amazing friends. Along with several examples form Capote’s story, I have found similar examples from my own life. In this short story, Truman examples how friendship is not based upon age, gender, race, or disability, but the love and compassion two people have for each other. To put it bluntly, judging one another based on first impressions and assumptions can stop you from making a sincere friend. While reading “A Christmas Memory”, I witnessed Capote demonstrating how unexpected people can be amazing friends when he writes “I am Seven; She is sixty-something.” This supports the theme because common society beliefs say that a child and an elderly person are not likely to be friends. Some might go as far as to say that two people of such different ages should not be friends, for it is strange and disturbing. While it is true that people of similar ages are more likely to form a friendship, it does not necessarily follow that people of unlike ages and characteristics are prohibited from being friends.…show more content…
When Buddy says this, he is implying that he and Sook are more than just acquaintances, but have a deeper and much stronger relationship that brings them to be each other’s most valued friends. For example, I could pick out any one of my friends from a crowd and instantaneously tell you why we have a close relationship. However, I could not go into depth about why my best friend is in fact, my best friend, for we have a love for each other that I do not have for my other

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