Comparing The NRSV Study Bible And Marcia Falk's The Song

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The translation between The NRSV Study Bible and Marcia Falk’s The Song of Songs have distinct differences. Falk’s contention is that the poetry is at this case a primary level of understanding of erotic love between two young lovers expressing their deep love for each other. The NRSV Study Bible interprets the The Song of Solomon as a religious allegory. In the beginning of Song of Solomon, the purpose of the poetry is that it is understood in many different ways. In Jewish perspective it is understood as God’s love for Israel. For Christians it is an allegory of Christ’s love for the church, this is according to Michael Fox. The two translations each provides the readers the knowledge to think deeper of what the poetry really is. One way of looking at the poetry from Falk’s translation is how the culture is really different and strange. The culture is weird in a sense that a young woman wouldn’t normally go out in public by herself otherwise she would get beaten by the public because she is wanting to see her lover. This is best represented in Falk (#19 // NRSV 5:7), The men who roam the streets, guarding the walls, beat me and tear me away my robe.…show more content…
The young woman can’t go out in the public alone unless accompanied by someone, most likely a brother. This is when the strange sibling metaphor comes into play. The young man would often refer to his lover as “my sister, my bride”, this can seen from Falk (#17 // Song 4:9). One can interpret this saying by examining that by calling his lover his sister, it would be easier for the both of them to go out in public and express their love for each other. It would be easier for him to accompany her by her side out in public because of the metaphor that the poetry uses. If she is with him, he could protect her out in the public because they could be seen as

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