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Part One All my life I have always had people look up to me and friends constantly coming to me for advice or guidance. I love to help others and I love to see others being the best versions of themselves that they can be. After completing the strengths quest test and receiving my results, I could not agree more with my outcome. The five descriptors that the test matched me with are relator, developer, competition, beliefs and harmony. Getting these descriptors and reading each description was a surprise to me because it was so accurate. Each descriptor describes a different side of me. The first theme is relator. Many different people may fall under this theme. The relator theme pulls you towards people that you already know and have connections with. Meeting new people is not necessarily hard but getting close to new people and creating connections may be a challenge sometimes.…show more content…
The strengths quest test has helped me gain more knowledge on my strengths and what they allow me to do. As mentioned previously, the strengths that I got as a result of my taking the test were relator, developer, competition, belief and harmony. These five descriptors describe many aspects of me and my strengths. Every single one of these descriptors will help me on my journey to being a successful social worker. All my life I always liked to stick to what I know, this may explain why I have the same exact group of friends that I have had since elementary school. I prefer to stick to what I know but I also enjoy understanding others and understanding why they are the way that they are. I am a very accepting person and I understand that everyone is different. This is what makes me talented in the relator theme. I can use this strength to help me in my studies and especially in my career. This strength makes me a good leader and a good coach and that is exactly what a social worker

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