Network Analysis Advantages And Disadvantages

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The treasure of any country are there infrastructures including collection of highways, cables and pipelines that allows peoples, energy and ideas movements and exchanges. These infrastructures have been modeled as networks, and the capacity, efficiency and form of these networks impact on our living standard. The benefits of the geometric network model are: • Facilities network editing. • Represents complex parts of a network easily. Consequently allows create a better map with fewer features. • Includes Simple and advanced network solver built into ArcInfo, ready to use. Network analysis is fast even on very large datasets. Network is simple. It consists of two fundamentals edges and junctions. See (Figure 2.2). Some examples of edges…show more content…
It can be chosen for different analysis types. This type of solver can be applied for finding the best site to any facility [19]. Vehicle Routing Problem Solver A dispatcher management of vehicles is essential to make decisions about vehicle routing. One such decision involves how to best assign a group of customers to a fleet of vehicles and to sequence and schedule their visits. The objectives in solving such vehicle routing problems are to provide a high level of customer service by honoring any time windows while keeping the overall operating and investment costs for each route as low as possible. The constraints are to complete the routes with available resources and within the time limits imposed by driver work shifts, driving speeds, and customer commitments. Network Analyst provides a vehicle routing problem solver that can be used to determine solutions for such complex fleet management tasks, see (Figure 2.6) [20]. Route…show more content…
Consequently discover the best route to visit a series of stops while reducing costs [19]. • Specify time windows on stops • Find best sequence of stops. Choosing the best route depends on users’ criteria. Consequently, the best supposed to be shortest, quickest, or most scenic route, depends on users’ criteria ,see( Figure 2.7, 2.8). If it depends on time, then the best route is the quickest path. Facility Solver Find the nearest location analysis. Consequently, the closest facility considered as network analysis layer that the closest facility solver discover traveling cost between incidents and facilities and determines the nearest to one other. The output includes the facilities rating by least impedance to or from incident, coupled with directions of route between them, see (Figure 2.9) [20].this solver leads to the following benefits: • Limit the search distance • Limit the number of facilities to find • Travel from the facility to the incident Origin-destination cost matrix

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