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Introduction Martin Caverly is the founder and managing partner of 2120 Partners, a real estate consulting and advisory firm in Los Angeles. I had the opportunity to interview Mr. Caverly at the California Club and learn more about his entrepreneurial journey, as well as receive advice on how to start my own journey in the real estate industry. Starting a Business Using Your Network In terms of starting a business in real estate, Mr. Caverly provided plenty of advice but his main suggestion was to build a solid network of people not only in real estate but also in all industries. Mr. Caverly explained that not only did having a solid network facilitate in his transition from working for Corporate America to starting his own business, but…show more content…
Caverly said, “Some of the most powerful people in this world are students,” that resonated a lot with me. He explained that as a student, especially at a prestigious university like USC, we have so much power and access to information and people. As an undergraduate, we are able to use our educational standing to contact whomever we’d like. Professionals are more than willing to speak to us about how to become successful and just give us advice in general. Mr. Caverly pushed me to create a list of people in different sectors of real estate who I’d like to know more about and interview. After our meeting, I mapped out a timeline of when I’d conduct more interviews so that I can broaden my network and learn more from people who have been in my shoes. Beginning My Career Another piece of advice that Mr. Caverly gave me was to start out in the real estate department of a bank. He explained that as he moved on to other jobs, having the name of a large bank helped in his transition and opened more doors. Furthermore, he recommended that I work for 2-3 companies before I went on to start my own venture because in real estate investment, you definitely need capital in order to begin but also need the experience and knowledge of the industry. Business

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