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Marko 1 Timofey Marko Professor Lamine Diop ITE 120 - Principles of Information Systems - Online 3/18/18 Convenience of Collaboration The world is changing, fast. In the past 100 years, technology has evolved faster than ever. Society has progressed and become more self-aware of self as less time is needed for survival and more free time is available for entertainment and self. As the world hit over 7 Billion people, business have emerged in many different sectors to sell to the masses as well as niches. In business specifically, there has been a growing mindset for maximizing profit; this means producing more while doing less, efficiently saving time, and spending less to make more. Collaboration software, such as…show more content…
There is the most obvious, collaboration software requires the use of internet; this is a flaw in that not all places/people have internet/Wi-Fi. Another disadvantage is the cost associated with this software; while the most popular one's are free to begin to use, they rely on cloud storage to save all your data, and prolific writers, content creators, or users of their software may run out of cloud storage and need to pay a monthly subscription cost to continue to use the software. This is also a disadvantage in that you feel locked to continue to use the software even when you run out of space because transferring data is a hassle as well as because this software is the standard and you don't have much of a choice to use traditional collaboration when everyone else in your group has a consensus on using the software because they are not yet reached the cloud storage cap and have it free. Another concern is the security of this software; data stored in the cloud can be a lot more easily hacked as opposed to offline storage and deleted, or depending on the importance of your information, stolen. Luckily, companies with good reputation in safety are taking the forefront of collaboration technology, primary the well-known company Google. good regulatory measure would be to have standards of security these companies need to pass before releasing them to the public where people's sensitive…show more content…
(Conclusion) This technology is becoming even more interlaced with the culture of the workplace and education sectors. Collaboration technology has only improved since the invention of the smartphone and will continue to move forward with newer and more improved technologies. With technology moving so fast, and as Bell's Law states some computer classes will die out as new one's emerge (and we don't know which new ones will emerge) there is no telling where it will be incorporated next; whether it's webcams in self-driving cars, collaboration software provided and widely used by education and business, or maybe an unforeseeable technological breakthrough, collaboration software will only become easier to use, require less training, have more utilitarian use and benefit, and even more features as it evolves with technology. Risk of security breaches will always be a concern and disadvantage of this software in the future, but the benefits of collaboration software will always triumph the disadvantages in the future, whatever unknown things they may be. Works Cited: Bell, Gordon. "Bell's law for the birth and death of computer classes: A theory of the computer's evolution." IEEE Solid-State Circuits Society Newsletter 13.4 (2008): 8-19. Johnson-Lenz, Peter (30 April 1990). "Rhythms, Boundaries, and Containers". Awakening Technology. Peters, Roger, et al. "Collaboration software with

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