Short Story: Run Away To Aztlan

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“I have decided. I am ready to die,” said Matt. “No Mi vida you mustn’t. You must run. Run away to Aztlan. I will take care of everything else,” said Celia solemnly. Tears were now flooding down her pallid face into her brown disheveled hair, and her eyes were filled with trepidation. Matt could not stand to look at her, so he closed his eyes. Matt wished he had not because just then he saw Maria sitting in front of him crying with her hands over her face. Matt could not stand the thought of leaving Maria especially when she was going to be forced to marry Tom. Emilia and Steven had their wedding a couple of weeks earlier, and now it was Maria’s turn. She reached out and grabbed him. She was hugging Matt so hard that he could barely breathe.…show more content…
Matt was already far from the Big house, but he did not stop. It was only when he thought he was going to fall off of his horse when he decided to stop. He stopped drank some water and fed the safe horse. Then he got back on and started riding again. Matt had to use the stars to make sure he was heading in the right direction, but in the day he had to picture the night sky. Matt was about to turn around and go back, but the thought of Maria kept pushing him forward. He did not know were Maria was now, but if he went back he would surely be killed and never be able to see Maria again. Matt stopped every couple of hours now to rest. He thought it might have been three days since the last time he saw Celia, so he must be close know to Aztlan. Matt was now low on food and water. He looked for any trace of water, but there were none. One day he stopped all sweaty, and he was breathing very fast. Matt opened the pack to find that he was all out of food and water. He looked around, and then he heard it the rushing sound of water. It was a river filled with crystal clear water. Matt jumped off his horse, crawled to the edge of the river, cupped his hands, and drank as much water as he could. Then he heard another noise from behind him. A soft voice spoke “Who are you, and what do you want?” It was Esperanza Mendoza Maria’s mother. “I am Matteo Alacran, and I am here to speak to you Esperanza.” Looking at Esperanza was like looking at Maria. Esperanza was very angular. “How do you know

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