Electronic Procurement Research Proposal

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1.1 Background Procurement encompasses a range of activities such as information collection, arrangement with business partners, requisition request, approval by authority, purchase order, delivery, sending, payment, and negotiation, monitoring controlling and make a official contract. ( Gebauer & Segev, 2001). For this research, Electronic procurement ( E-procurement) defined as a method of procurement for business-to-business using internet technology in order to carry out more opportune procurement activities in e-tendering, e-ordering, e-catalogues and others achievement in electronic market infrastructure. Nowadays, in such a highly competitive environment especially urban area, traditional procurement methods of construction materials…show more content…
Research study by George McIntosh and Brian Sloan (2001), found that role Electronic Procurement play well in the United Kingdom Construction Industry. E-Procurement can complement method such as traditional Competitive Tendering System and offer the construction industry the advantage of material, time, resources and boundary within world-wide human. While in Malaysia, research study by Lim et al. (2002) on the survey of internet usage on local construction companies shown that the procurement through internet is not widely used. Th questions arise are, how is the current practice of material procurement in the local construction companies? Why was it implemented and not implemented? What are the factors hindering accomplishment of local construction companies towards E-procurement? 1.3 Objectives The objectives of this research are:  To determine traditional material procurement and…show more content…
1.5 Research Methodology This research was carried out by literature review and mail questionnaire survey. 1.6 Organization of Research A comprehensive literature review was made on procurement process in construction industry in Chapter 2. Definition and traditional procurement practice was studied. Through the review, common problems encountered in construction procurement process were identified. In Chapter 3, the impact of information technology on the procurement process will be discussed. Definition and development of electronic commerce were studied as the theoretical background for electronic procurement. Advantages and disadvantages were discussed. In Chapter 4, methodology to carry out the research was explained. Both literature review and questionnaire survey was discussed. Flow chart of research stages was shown. In Chapter 5, analysis and findings was discussed. Practices, factors and strategy towards implementation of E-procurement were discussed. Tables and figures of finding were shown. In Chapter 6, conclusion was made based on analysis and finding, recommendation was made, limitation was discussed and further research was

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