Skechers Usa Swot Analysis

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Skechers USA Inc. is the one of popular shoes manufacture and retail in United States and worldwide, operating 450 stores which includes: concept stores, factory outlet, warehouse outlet, in the United States and international (Skechers, 2015). Skechers USA Inc. operates in the U.S. manufacture and shoe retail industry. Skecher USA Inc. provides the variety of apparel, footwear, accessories for men, women, and children. The external analysis includes the macro and industry environment. Three major forces were identified that are driving change in the macro environment: increasing interconnectivity, the changing face of U.S. population, and the increasing dominance of emerging economies. The industry environment for the U.S. shoes manufacture…show more content…
Inc. Strengths of SKX are including: service, technological development, human resource management, and organization. Weaknesses of SKX are including: Inbound logistics, marketing and sales, and financial management. Opportunities are including: the increased interconnectivity, the changing face of the U.S., the increasing of interconnectivity, the high barriers to entry, and the low bargaining power of buyers. Threats include: the increasing interconnectivity, the increased dominance of China and India, the medium-high threat of substitutes, and the high power of…show more content…
are: maintain status quo; leverage human resource management and family concentrated ownership to increase the total revenue and revenue per store; leverage technology development and family concentrated ownership to differentiate its market to increase the revenues. The best alternatives for Skechers would be using the strength in human resource management and the family concentrated ownership to maximize the ability to take advantage of the changing face of the U.S. population, the increasing interconnectivity. Skecher USA Inc. could face three big implementation issues, including marketing & sale, increased interconnectivity, and financial management, when process its business strategy. All data in this analysis has been retrieved from the 10K reports of Skechers USA Inc., Crocs Inc., Columbia Sportswear Co., and Under Armour Inc., unless otherwise

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