Cybercrime Crime Case Study

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Lets discuss about some real life cases that have taken place in India. Some of them have been landmark judgements and will act as precedents for years to come.These cases not only involve common man but also high profile industries,political persons and established MNCs as well. Lets elaborate some of them. State of Tamil Nadu vs Suhas Katti,2004 It was the first case of cybercrime conviction in India. Suhas Katti had an affair with a woman who later refused to marry him. To settle personal scores and vengeance, he began setting vulgar and obscene messages to her via email and SMS. He also is said to have created a fake yahoo profile and then began sending friend requests to various other adult groups and friends. These people and groups started responding. The woman later sought the help of police who told her to send Suhas an email warning him to stop such acts.She promptly sent him a warning mail to which he responded. Tracing that email, the police found out the network service provider, the internet café from where the mails and other activities were carried out as well as the hard disk of that personal computer. This proved to be a milestone in the case investigation. The police registered a FIR in the case. The trial began in Tamil Nadu and unlike in…show more content…
Umashankar is an NRI working abroad where one day he found his savings banks account debited by certain lakhs. A couple of days before that he got a mail from customer care department of the bank for a security update to which he replied immediately. The same day evening he received a call from the bank saying that he had carried an internet transaction and thus his account was debited. Umashankar denied having such a transaction executed. He felt that the security reply mail he sent might have helped someone get the username and password and that miscreant had carried out the transaction. So,he requested the bank to carry out an internal

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