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Savant syndrome is a rare, amazing condition in which autistic persons; mentally handicapped persons; or mentally ill persons exhibit specific exceptional abilities or brilliance, which outstand their overall disability. Persons with savant syndrome are known as savants. In a group of ten autistic persons, one is likely to be a savant. These savants have special skills, which vary from one group to another, as they will later be classified. This special or exceptional abilities exhibited by savants are always accompanied by massive memory (Treffert D. A., 2009). This paper shows the phenomenology of savant syndrome; implication on savant syndrome education, and implication on research on savant syndrome to be done in future. Some people are born having this condition (congenital) while…show more content…
There are still lots of hidden pockets of knowledge regarding savant syndrome that need to be discovered. One of such mysteries presented by savant syndrome is a highly frequent triad defined by occurrence of musical genius, impaired vision and mental impairment (usually autism) simultaneously. Even though the prevalence of savant syndrome is very low, occurrence this triad is usually very high among savants (Treffert D. A.). Studies need to be carried to identify any relationship between blindness amongst savants and their musical genius. Another area of savant syndrome that warrants exploration is the ability to calculate the calendar by all savants. This is because this skill is very rare in other persons with mental impairments. Additionally this skill presents an ability exercised by savants but not learned. Calendar calculation requires knowledge of certain formulas which one might claim savants miraculously have in their memory (Treffert D. A.). Studies need to be done to determine why calendar calculation is prevalent among savants but very rare among other persons with brain diseases or

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