Descriptive Writing On Forest Animals

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The Forest’s Animals One day, all the animals were in the forest listening to the turtle about what was about to come, and what was about to happen to the forest. The animals always listened to the turtle, for he was wise and has been living in the forest longer than anyone else. “Great danger will come soon.” the turtle announced. “Both sides, wet and dry, will soon affect this already poor forest.” “But all the animals have talents!” one of the monkeys exclaimed. “We can all help to keep everyone safe.” “We CAN.” noted the turtle. “It is the choice of the animals if they care about their self or the forest. When the time of the first storm comes, everyone will have to make that decision.” Many weeks passed. All the animals continued having their daily meeting and all was normal. Suddenly, the sky turned dark. No light could be seen for the sky was covered in an endless line of grey clouds.…show more content…
There was nowhere in sight that the animals could hide. Out of nowhere, the ants started to come out of their ant hole ant started to dig the holes bigger. All the animals saw them and helped the ants dig. In no time, there were holes for the animals to hide under while the storm passed. Many hours passed. When the storm finally passed, it was damp and muddy. There were a few trees that fell down during the storm. “We did it!” cheered the ants. “We saved the tribe from dying to the storm. We are the best!” “Thank you, but there is no need to brag about it.” exclaimed the voices of the tribe. “Are you really thankful?” yelled the ants angrily. “We don’t need to help you anymore. We are able to take care of ourselves!” The ants started to march away from the tribe, leaving the all the animals. “What do we do now?” asked one of the

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